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Barbados on the world map


ContinentNorth America
Lat/long13.1939° N, 59.5432° W
Area430Km² / 166mi²
NeighborsIsland Nation

Is Barbados map in North America?

Yes, Barbados is located in North America. The island of Barbados lies in the western Atlantic Ocean, east of the Caribbean Sea and north of South America. While some maps may show Barbados located in South America due to its proximity to the continent, it is actually located in the Caribbean Sea, a region in North America. It is known for its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and tropical climate. As an independent country, Barbados is a member of both the Commonwealth Nations and CARICOM (Caribbean Community)

Location of Barbados on the world map

On the world map, Barbados is seen as a small island located in the western region of the North Atlantic Ocean and is part of the Lesser Antilles chain. This small island nation is situated just east of the Caribbean Sea, about 250 miles north of Venezuela. Barbados lies around 13 degrees north of the equator and 59 degrees west of the prime meridian. Barbados is also part of a larger group of islands known as The Windward Islands, which includes Martinique and Dominica. 

Countries neighboring Barbados

The island nation is bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the south and east, and by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west. Its closest neighbors are Saint Lucia to the northwest, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines to the west, Grenada to the southwest, Trinidad and Tobago to the southeast, and Venezuela to the east. All of these countries have strong historical ties with Barbados, as well as cultural similarities due to their shared history.

Facts about the map of Barbados


Barbados has a total area of 431 square kilometers (166 sq mi), making it one of the smallest countries in the world by landmass. Its coastline is 97 km (60 mi) long, with several beautiful beaches and coral reefs. The highest point on Barbados is Mount Hillaby at 336 meters (1,102 ft).


It has a population of approximately 286,000 people according to a 2016 census, making it one of the most densely populated countries in the region relative to its size. The majority of Barbadians are of African descent, with smaller numbers of Europeans and Asians also living on the island. English is the official language, although Bajan Creole is also commonly spoken.

Major cities

The major cities in Barbados include Bridgetown(capital), Speightstown, Oistins, Holetown, and Bathsheba. The capital city of Bridgetown is located on the southwest coast and is home to many government buildings, banks, restaurants, shops, and hotels.


The country has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons: the wet season (June to November) and the dry season (December to May).