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Belize outline map

Belize is a tiny Central American nation that borders the Caribbean coast. Guatemala forms its western border with it, and Mexico forms its southern and eastern borders.

Blank outline map of Belize

An outline map of Belize is a simple black and white map of the country without any administrative borders. It shows the extent of Belize’s territory without including too many details such as names or physical features.

Download the map for free

You can download the map for free in these formats – PNG, PDF, and SVG. All these files are placed in a zip file so you can use whichever one is most suitable for your needs. This also gives you plenty of flexibility in terms of editing and printing.

With the SVG format, you can edit the map to your liking. The SVG file can be edited using any vector editing tool. The PDF version of the map allows you to print the map. The PNG map can be used on any visual media.