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Antigua and Barbuda on the world map


ContinentNorth America
Lat/long17.0608° N, 61.7964° W
Area442Km² / 171mi²
NeighborsIsland Nation

Location of Antigua and Barbuda on the world map

This nation constitutes three islands situated in the eastern arc of the Leeward islands, ie Antigua, Barbuda, and Redonda. Among the three islands, Redonda is uninhabited and has no permanent population, although it is occasionally visited by fishermen and hikers. Antigua and Barbuda is located in the middle of the Caribbean sea and the North Atlantic ocean off the coast of South America. The Lesser Antilles archipelago includes them.

Countries surrounding Antigua and Barbuda

As far as land borders are concerned, Antigua and Barbuda do not have any. Anguilla (UK), Montserrat (UK), Saint Barthélemy (France), and Saint Kitts and Nevis all share maritime borders with the island nation. Saint Kitts and Nevis in the west, Guadeloupe in the south, and Montserrat are located on the world map in the southwest of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean. A 500km range region from Antigua and Barbuda includes the following countries: 

  •  Saint Kitts and Nevis 
  •  Anguilla
  •  Dominica
  •  Virgin Islands
  •  Saint Vincent
  •  Puerto Rico

Climate and terrain of Antigua and Barbuda

As far as climate goes, the islands have a tropical climate. Due to the islands’ low elevation, little precipitation occurs. A pleasant environment is one factor that encourages tourism in the area.

Annual rainfall varies widely between seasons, averaging 990 millimeters (39 inches). The wettest months are generally between September and November, with the most rainfall. Winters average 23 degrees Celsius, and summers and autumns average 30 degrees Celsius. During December and February, the temperature is at its coolest.

It is also home to some higher volcanic areas, but most of the terrain is undulating and low, with some coral and limestone lowlands. The highest point of 402 meters, Boggy Peak(previously known as Mount Obama), is also present.  

Other facts about the map of Antigua and Barbuda

The capital city

Antigua and Barbuda’s capital is Saint John’s, located on the northwest coast of Antigua. It is the largest city in Antigua and Barbuda. In addition to being the island’s main port, it is also a resort community offering a range of accommodation facilities.


The census of 2011 shows the population of Antigua and Barbuda to be 84,816; by 2022, it is estimated to be 100,772.


Regarding the land area, Antigua and Barbuda occupy a space of 440 square km (170 sq mi).

Major rivers

Antigua and Barbuda have no permanent rivers. A mean annual rainfall of 40 inches does not provide enough water for rivers and springs to flow. There are no streams in Barbuda. Although there are three main streams in Antigua namely: Ayers creel, Cooks creek, and Fitches creek.

National parks

The major national parks in Antigua and Barbuda are: 

  • Nelson’s Dockyard
  • Codrington Lagoon National Park
  • Greencastle Hill National Park
  • Fort Barrington National Park
  • Devil’s Bridge National Park
  • Dow’s Hill Interpretation Centre
  • Wallings Nature Reserve
  • Megaliths
  • Indian Town Point

The economy of Antigua and Barbuda

Tourism and government services are the two most important sources of employment and income in Antigua and Barbuda. Tourism is one of the critical sources of foreign exchange and works for the country. A large proportion of Antigua and Barbuda’s GDP is directly or indirectly derived from tourism. Tourism is responsible for more than half of the country’s GDP. The GDP per capita is 14,900.80 USD (as of 2021).

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