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Barbados political map

Blank political map of Barbados

A blank political map of Barbados is a simple map that shows the administrative regions of the country without any names or much details. It is an unlabeled vector map, usually in black and white. This type of map can be used for educational purposes, such as exams or illustrating the divisions of Barbados. It can also be used for research purposes, giving researchers the ability to edit and visualize statistical data.

Administrative regions of Barbados

The island country of Barbados is divided into 11 parishes for administrative purposes. The parishes are:

  1. St. Andrew
  2. St. George
  3. St. James
  4. St. John
  5. St. Joseph
  6. St. Lucy
  7. St. Michael
  8. St. Peter
  9. St. Philip
  10. Christ Church
  11. Trinity

Bridgetown, the capital city of Barbados, is located in St. Michael parish. Each parish has a unique landscape and each is home to an array of attractions that make the island so desirable for visitors from all over the world.

Some of these attractions include beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and some of the most spectacular sunsets on earth; lush green gardens; historic buildings; museums; churches; rum distilleries and much more!

The parishes themselves are also great places to explore as they offer a glimpse into the culture of Barbados and provide a wonderful opportunity to appreciate its diverse history and culture while experiencing everything that this little Caribbean gem has to offer!

Image formats

The Barbados political map is available for download in three formats: SVG, PNG, and PDF. All of these can be downloaded by clicking the download button on this page. Upon clicking download, it will be downloaded as a zipped file that you can later open and view the map.

The SVG format is best suited for editing the Barbados map. This is done using vector-based programs such as Adobe Illustrator. While the PNG format is best for image editing programs such as GIMP. Finally, the PDF format is great for printing out high-resolution versions of the map.